DATE – Friday


Warm-up/Mobility) 10 mins dynamic lower body:

Hip circles, leg swings, lateral lunges, alt. toe touches, hip opener lunge


WOD A) (15 mins) Front Squat: 5×5 @ 60,65,70,75,80% of 1RM (Sept 6th)



B1) 3 Rounds for time:

10 Power Cleans 135/95lb (No more than 2 sets first round)

10 Alternating Reverse Lunges 135/95lb (Unbroken)

10 KB Thrusters 2 x 20/12kg (Unbroken first round)

400m Run


–Rest 3 mins–


B2) 3 Rounds:

30 secs max Toes to Bar

60 secs rest