DATE – Saturday Oct 4th



Row 500m

Leg swings + lunges + push-ups

Banded steps + squats

Band pull aparts + presses


Mobility: Lacrosse ball into glutes + pecs/anterior shoulder capsule.

45-60s pigeon pose stretch (on bench)

60s Box shoulder stretch (on bench)


– 10 min to review clean technique with newer athletes, build up to working weight, and set up/practice HSPU’s.


WOD A) Hero WOD “J.J.” (30 min time cap)

Complete for time:

1 – 10 Squat Clean (Rx: 185/135, Adv 155/105, Int: 135/85, Beg: 95/65 or less)

10 – 1 Handstand push-ups


The real Hero version of this WOD calls for Parallette HSPU’s, but we will call regular flat HSPU the Rx for today. Kipping allowed as long as you are not crashing down on your head! Substitute strict banded, pike, or a seated dumbbell press.


Complete in alternating sets:

1 Squat clean

10 Handstand push-ups

2 Squat cleans

9 Handstand push-ups


10 Squat cleans

1 Handstand push-up