Get into teams of 4 and practice the WOD movements!
604 Synchro Massacre
In teams of 4, complete the following for time:
1) 200/160 Cals Assualt Bike (Guys complete 50 cals each, girls complete 40 – break up any way you like i.e. 5-10 Cal sprint intervals)

2) 3 Rounds – everybody completes all of the work, reps must be synchronized!
30 Synchro Overhead Plate Lunges 55/35lb (knees must touch the ground together and everyone must finish the rep together)
20 Russain KB Swings 24/16kg (the main thing we want is everybody on the same rep count… bonus points if you can synchronize them!)
10 Synchro Plate Burpees (everyone must have chests on ground and standing on their plate at the same time)

3) 200/160 Cal Assault Bike