DATE – Friday October 31st 

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to Coach Timmy!!


Warm-up: 10 reps each:

Leg swing (each leg / each direction)

Sampson lunge

Hollow Rock (x 20)

Superman lifts

Mountain climbers (10/side)

Single leg lift + straight leg drop across the body (low back stretch)

Double leg lift + back roll + straddle stretch

Banded good mornings (x 15-20)


Mobility: Hamstring stretch lying on back w/ band


WOD A) Build quickly to a heavy 5RM ‘touch and go’ deadlift (16 min)


Then at 18, and 20 min on the clock perform 2 more perfect sets at 90% of the 5 RM achieved.


– Go heavy but make form and mechanics your first priority.

– Perform as t’n’g reps but no bouncing off the floor. Control the bar all the way to down.



WOD B) Halloween / Coach Tim’s Birthday WOD:

In teams of 2, complete for time:

8 rounds of: (alternate complete rounds – 4 each)

10 x Hang Power cleans (Adv: 165/110, Int: 135/95, Beg: 95/65 or less)

31 x Air squats


23 x Dumbbell man makers (one for every glorious year of young Timmy’s life!)

(One person working at a time, break the up as you like.)


1 Man maker = push up on dumbbells, row R, push-up, row L, squat clean thruster