DATE – Thursday October 30th


Warm-up: Dynamic lengths incorporating quadruped movements


Mobility: Banded shoulder stretch (Overhead, pec opener, across the body x 30-40s each)


WOD A) Every 90s x 6 (3 rounds each – 9 min)

A1) Handstand work:

Adv: Strict HSPU x 6-8 reps (or a whatever a challenging set is for you)

Int: 5s eccentric HSPU’s x 3-5 (work on controlling all the way down, no crashing)

Beg: Handstand hold x 20-30s, and/or  Wall walks x 2-3


A2) Heavy Turkish get-up x  1/side (KB or DB)


Review and warm-up barbell push-press and work up to WOD weight


WOD B) 4 rounds for total burpees completed: (22-25 min)

In 4 min:

Row (500/400m),

12 Push press (Adv: 135/95, Int: 115/80, Beg 95/65 or less),

then; AMRAP Bar facing burpees in remaining time.

Rest 2 min between rounds


– Stagger 2nd heat by 3 min

– Push press should be unbroken to start and no more than 2 sets as you fatigue

– Score is total burpees completed in the 4 rounds (also record weight used)

– Burpee must be 2 foot take off and landing, and done perpendicular to your barbell (CF Open standards).


DONT FORGET – Halloween contest for Friday:

We will be running classes as usual, and anyone who comes in a costume (and trains in the costume of course) will get their photo taken prior to the WOD.

All participants will get their photo put up on our Facebook page. Everyone will then have 24 hours to collect as many “Likes” on your photo as possible… (likes can be from anyone – member or not).

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest number of likes on your photo
This year we will have 3 prizes and 1st place gets to pick 1st, 2nd place gets to pick 2nd and 3rd place gets the remaining prize.

1 month membership added to existing membership
2 private training sessions with a coach
1 private training session with a coach

**Likes will only be counted on the photo that CrossFit 604 posts on the page – not on the photo if you take it and repost on your wall and it starts a new tally of likes – so share the link where your friends can view it and like it on our page.
**You don’t have to wear a costume to class on Halloween – it is optional

So come in, have some fun and win some prizes!