DATE – Tuesday



400m Run


2 Rounds:

50’ Broad Jump

10 Ball Slams

15 Banded Good Mornings



Wrist stretch

Front Rack mob with PVC pipe


WOD A) (8-10 mins to warmup) 7 Rounds of:

Against a 30 second clock…

3 Hang Power Cleans @ 70% of 1RM Power Clean

AMRAP Lateral bar-hop Burpees (Burpee + lateral jump over your bar and back = 1 rep)

*A new round starts every minute (30 seconds rest between rounds)


WOD B) 2 Rounds:

Banded Glute Bridge x 10-15 reps

Weighted Plank x 45-60 secs – moderate/heavy


WOD C) Stretch and/or roll quads and hips for tomorrow’s 1RM Back Squat test!