DATE – Monday



3-4 mins Quick Shoulder circles/joint prep


WOD A) (10mins) 3 Rounds NFT but move straight from one exercise to the other 

1) KB Arm Bar x 5 reps each arm, w/5 second hold each rep – moderate weight

2) Hollow Rock (Or hold, or flutter kick) x 20-30 secs


WOD B) 4 alternating sets:

1) Seated KB Press x 6-8 reps @ 2112 tempo (Alternate between narrow and wide press each set)

2) Ring Row x 6 reps @ 3112 tempo (Alternate between supinated and pronated each set)

*Rest 45-60 secs between exercises


WOD C) 1km Row – record total time but focus on consistency in stroke rate and holding split time over going “all out”.