Warm-up/Mobility: Shoulder and Hip prep for snatch work


WOD A) 15 min to establish a 1 rep max snatch balance


WOD B) 4-5 x 3 snatch high pulls (10-12 mins)(focus on start positioning + 1st/2nd pull transition)


WOD C) 3 sets – Rest as needed

B1) Barbell bent over row x 6-8

B2) Static Dip x 4-6 (weighted if needed)

B3) GH Raise x 8-10  ‘or’  hip extensions x 12-15



DATE – Sunday – WOD


Warm-up/Mobility: Dynamic warm-up and stretching


Review + Set-up for WOD A/B


WOD A) For time:


5 rounds of:

10 x Kettlebell sequence (push-up/row R/row L/deadlift) (24/16kg)

15 x GHD Sit-ups  ‘or’ weighted ab-mat sit-ups (Newer athletes scale to 10 GHD-SU maximum)

200m Med-ball run (40/30lb slam ball)


Rest exactly 1 min, then:


500m Row or Run

100 Doubleunders (no more than 2 min work)

500m Run or Row (opposite from first choice)

100 Doubleunders (no more than 2 min work)