DATE – Monday, October 27th


Warm-up: 3 rounds of:

1 min Skipping + 10-12 of each banded shoulder movements:

1) Band dislocates + pull-aparts

2) Internal + external rotations (attach band to post at elbow height)

3) Row + pull-down


WOD A) Complete 4 sets in 15 min:

1.1.1 x strict supinated pull-up @ (5,3,1,5)

-Rest 2 min-


– Stick to precise tempo: strict supinated pull-up, hold chin over the bar for 5s (stay hollow), slow controlled 5s decent, then a 3s ‘active’ hang at the bottom position (hollow).

– Rest 5-10s between each of the 3 reps, and ~2 min between sets.

– If you are able to complete all 3 reps on tempo then attempt with added weight.

– If you do not have a strict pull-up then jump into the 5s hold and controlled negative.

– Use a band only if you cannot control the 5s negative at bodyweight, or complete the reps on the rings as supinated ring rows.


WOD B) Complete for time:

50 x Double-unders

30 x Ball Slams (30/20lb)

50 x Double-unders

30 x Knees to arms

50 x Double-unders

30 x Burpees

50 x Double-unders

30 x Body rows / ring rows (Rx is body at parallel)

50 x Double-unders

30 x Russian Twists (30/20lb slam ball – L+R = 1)


(Intermediate: scale DU’s to 30, Beginners: to 15-20 or 100 singles – 60-90s at the most)