Pre squat hip openers

2 Rounds:

8-10 lateral raises, front raises, bent over flies, W’s with light plates or db’s

15 Overhead squats with PVC or barbell


WOD A) 15 mins to build to a max 3-position snatch

*experienced lifters: floor – above knee – hi hang (work on speed under the bar while fatigued)

*newer lifters: hi-hang – above knee – below knee or floor (work on consistency through each position)


WOD B) Deficit sumo deadlifts: 3 reps EMOM x 10 @ 60-65% (1-2” deficit if technique / flexibility allows)


WOD C) 2-3 Rounds NFT:

30 secs weighted plank

6-8 GH raises

2-3 Iron Scap exercises per round