Shoulder warmup:
Alt. Band warmup drills with overhead openers; partner bridge-ups, passive hangs

Barbell Split Press/Jerk warmup

Split Jerk x 2
20 mins to build a heavy pause Jerk double
-3 secs pause in both the landing and standing/overhead position on both reps
-Focus on the prescribed pauses over weight today, no sets should be near failure, the goal is to work on perfect position and overhead stability over weight, stay below 80%
2 x 5 – Start at 40-50% and gradually build as needed
2 x 3
2-3 x 2

Wide Grip Bench Press x 10
100′ UB Overhead Double KB Carry
Record weight of one of the KB’s in kg’s, not both combined
3 Rounds:
10 Wide Grip Bench Press (heavy across or add each set if needed)
100′ Overhead Double KB Carry (unbroken)
Max UB Pushups
*No rest between exercises, only after all 3 have been completed
*Alt 1:1 with a partner, partner 2 starts once partner 1 has completed Pushups

3 Rounds, alternate exercises, rest as needed:
10-12 DB Tricep Roll-back/extension
10-12 DB Bicep Curls

Crossover Plyo after completing 3 rounds