DATE – Sunday Oct 19th


Warm-up:  2 rounds of:

250-300m Row

10 x “Perfect stretch” cycles (5/side)

10 x Jumping squats

10 x Dowel dislocates


Mobility: Pre-squat hip prep (Banded hip opener and lunge)


WOD A) With a continuous clock…(30 min)


1) E2MOM x 5 sets: Clean Pull + Hang Power Clean + Front Squat 50-60%

2) E2MOM x 5 sets: Hang Clean + Clean at 65-75%


3) E2MOM x 5 sets: 1 Clean – heavy as possible


WOD B) In 15 min, build to a heavy single behind the neck Jerk


WOD C) 3 sets:

C1) Weighted Hip extensions (3,1,1,2) x 8-10

Rest 60s

C2) 60s FLR on rings (or weighted plank x 45-60s)

Rest 60s