Sunday, 18 October, 2015
5 mins dynamic running / hip openers
Quick band squat & shoulder warmup

1 round of 5 rep OHS warmup w / empty bar
1 round of 3 rep Snatch warmup w / light plates
Snatch x 2
A1) 15 mins to build to a heavy or max Snatch double for the day – not T&G

A2) E2MOM x 3 sets: 2 Snatches @ 90% of A1

*Skip an E2MOM round and strip weight down for A3*

A3) E2MOM x 3 sets: 3 Snatches @ 80% of A1 – these can be T&G if you are able to
Snatch Balance x 3
15 mins: strip down to approx. 50-55% of your heaviest double from A1 and build back up in Snatch Balance Triples with a 3 secs pause in the bottom of every rep. The goal for this drill is perfect stability and position so focus on that over weight.
Bench Press x 10
5 Sets:
10 Bench Press (heavy but unbroken, building is OK)
-Rest 15-20 secs-
10 Bent Over Rows (heavy but unbroken, building is OK)
-Rest 2 mins-
3 Rounds:
10-15 GHD Hip extensions
10-15 Banded Situps
2-3 Crossover Recovery exercises