DATE – Saturday October 18th 



500m Run, then 2 rounds of:

3 wall walks w/ 10-15s HS hold

8-10 Ring rows

8-10 GHD Hip extensions


Mobility: Banded shoulder stretch + hamstring/low back stetch w/ band on the ground.


10 min to warm up deadlift, practice pull-up, and handstand push-ups.


WOD B) WOD B) Hero WOD “Bradshaw”

(Last completed: June 22nd 2013)


Complete 10 rounds for time:

3 x Handstand push-ups

6 x Deadlifts (225/155)

12 x Pull-ups

24 x Double-unders


– If you have strict HSPU’s, then keep them strict today.

– Scale the deadlift to a weight to roughly 60-65% of 1 RM.

– Scale pull-up # to something attainable across the volume of the 10 rounds (Int 8-10, Beg 6-8, or ring rows)