DATE – Friday October 17th


Warm-up: Dynamic lengths, pre-squat hip opener, dowel dislocates


Burgener warm-up + Review WOD A complex.


WOD A) Every 90s x 10 sets (15 mins)

Snatch high pull, Hang snatch, Overhead Squat

(Start at 50-60% of max Snatch and increase only as mechanics allow)


WOD B) Every 90s x 10 sets alternating (5 sets each – 15 min)

B1) Back squat x 3 (@ 3,2,X,1) (75-85% of 1RM)

B2) Seated tall box jump x 3 (treat as 3 singles w/5-7s rest)

(Jump to a high box but not a max effort, think 80-90%, no fear of misses. Only attempt the seated variation if you are proficient and comfortable with standard tall jumps. The movement should be one explosive drive from the bench to full extension, not a stand then jump)