DATE – Wednesday


Warm-up) 2 Rounds:

5 Hanging Straight leg raises (Try to get as close to bar as possible – slow and controlled)

10 Ball Slams

15 Second Glute Bridge

10 Good Mornings – freestanding



2 mins per leg: banded hamstring pass-throughs (lying on ground with band hook over foot and behind neck, 1 min forward & Back – flexion/extension, 1 min side to side


WOD A) (20 mins) 5 alternating sets:

1) Deadlift x 3 reps @ 75%+ of 1RM

2) GHD Situp x 10-12/6-8 reps (Adv/Int – Beg sub v-sits or situps)

*Rest as needed between exercises


WOD B) Against a 6 minute clock, complete the following for total reps:

90 secs Burpee AMRAP (Jump on to 45lb plate. Hips don’t have to extend, feet just have to touch)

3 min Calorie Row AMRAP

90 secs Burpee AMRAP

*This workout is designed to test mental toughness as much as physical capacity, make sure you dig deep on this one!


WOD C) Banded Good Morning x 50+ reps