12-15 mins gymnastics prep:
Shoulder circles, ring rows, pushups, dips
Tuck-ups, V-ups
Pistol prep: split squats, lunges, pistols to bench
Alt. E90SECS x 4 sets each (12 mins):
1) Muscle Ups
*Advanced: max unbroken set each round
*Intermediate: try to accumulate 2-3 reps, doesn’t have to be unbroken
*Beginner – choose one of these progressions: 3-5 jumping transitions + dip if possible, banded transitions, or ring row + transition
2) Pistols – 5 reps per leg, add weight if needed
The Dark Knight
15 min AMRAP:
16 Walking Lunges 1 x 32/24kg KB in goblet position
12 KB Swings 32/24kg
8 Box Jumps 30/24″
8/6 Ring Dips