DATE – Wednesday October 15th


Warm-up: 2 rounds:

250-300m Row

10 x Leg swings (each way)

10 x GHD Hip extensions (2,0,1,1)

20-30s x Hollow rocks or hold


Mobility: Banded posterior chain floss


WOD A) Testing: In 25 min: Establish a 1 RM Deadlift


WOD B) EMOM x 15 (5 sets alternating)

B1) 50ft front rack walking lunge (Use sandbags, or double KB’s)

B2) Supinated bent over barbell row x 6-8 reps (@2,1,X,1) (As heavy as possible, experienced athletes try the multi grip bar if interested)

B3) Weighted / anchored sit-ups x 12-15 (hold a dumbbell across the chest)