DATE – Tuesday October 14th


Warm-up: 2 rounds for quality:

8-10 x Ring rows

6-8 x Reverse Fly + Pull down (alternating on light scapjacked station)

30-45s Active hang or scap pull-ups

10-12 x Dowel dislocates


Mobility: Partner overhead dowel stretch (60s each partner)


WOD A) Testing: In 12 min, establish a 1 RM strict pull-up (Sub: 3 RM banded pull-up)

– Whichever progression/level you are at, start with some easier reps in the 5-3 rep range. Progressively make the reps more challenging by adding load by way of chains or weights hanging from belts, or moving to a thinner band. Take 4-5 attempts at a heavy 1 RM.

– If you are still working on getting your first strict pull-up, then build to the most challenging (thinnest band possible) for 3 consecutive reps.


WOD B) Complete 2 rounds, each for time (score as B1 and B2):

Row 1000m

25 x pull-ups (Int: 15-20, Beg: Ring rows)

20 x lateral box jump over’s (24/20”


– Start B2 at exactly 10 min on a running clock.

– Stagger heat #2 by 5 min, they will start B2 at “15” on the clock.