Dynamic warm-up and stretches
Plate warm-up:
2 rounds: (use a 10-25lb plate)
10 Plate ground to overhead
10 Plate overhead tricep press
10 Plate overhead lunge steps
10 Plate romanian deadlifts
10 Plate squats
60-90s squat / hip opener of your choice between rounds

Clean and Jerk warm-up / Tech with an empty barbellWOD A
Every 2 min x 8 sets:
Sets 1-2: 3 Power Cleans, 3 Hang squat clean, 3 Jerks (any style) (45-55% of 1RM C&J)
Sets 3-4: 2+2+2 (60-70%)
Sets 5-8: 1+1+1 (75% + build to a heavy set)

Sets of 3 and 2 should be touch and go, unbroken sets.WOD B
Complete for time:
80 Air squats
40 Dumbbell hang snatch
60 Air squats
30 Dumbbell hang clean to overhead
40 Air squats
20 Dumbbell hang squat clean thruster

Rx: 50/35lb Dumbbell
Each DB movement must be split evenly per arm, split any way.
Choose a DB weight that you can complete at least 8-10 reps unbroken
15 min time capACCESSORY
3 rounds: rest as needed
6-8/side x Bulgarian Split squats @3,1,1,1 (1 KB in front rack on opposie side from working leg)
10-12/side x Stagger stance Romanian deadlifts (2 x KB or DB held by your side)
45-60s FLR Front plank on rings