Band pull-aparts

Bully stretch, lats stretch

Posterior chain floss


Review tech / tempo with newer athletes, experienced athletes start warming up movements


WOD A) Alt. e90secs x 5 sets each (15 mins)

1) 1 hang power clean + 2 power cleans – all sets above 80% of 1RM power clean

2) 3 weighted pronated pullups @ 50X5 tempo – heavy as tempo will allow (if you are unable to perform a bodyweight pullup, jump your chin above the bar and perform the same reps/tempo as prescribed)


***After performing 5th set of weighted pullups, rest the 6th clean interval and then go into: 1 x max unbroken set of chest to bar pullups on the 6th pullup interval (Int: regular pullups if you can do less than 8 CTB, Beg: 10-15 band pullups)***


WOD B) For time:


400m sandbag run 70/45lb (sub medball if needed)


15-12-9 reps of:

Power cleans (Adv: 165/110lb, Int: 135/95lb Beg: 95/65lb – weight should be comfortable, this workout should be at a quick pace)

Burpees over bar


400m sandbag run 70/45lb


Cool Down) 2-3 sets of:

15-20 GHD hip extensions

Iron scap