Thursday, 30 November, 2017


2 Rounds:
2 Banded Shoulder w/u drills
10 V-ups + 10 Hollow Rocks
10 Supermans + 10 sec Superman Hold
8-10 Ring Rows + 8-10 Bench Dips, or low ring false grip transitions
2 Wall Walks

Tech KB Snatch


20 mins to work on “Regionals Nate”
Complete a round at a “quick” pace, then rest 30-90 secs before starting your next round. Treat this as skill training, working on perfect movement, and breaking up sets from the get-go in a way that will be sustainable across all rounds. If you’re a ninja and can fly through rounds then only take 30-60 secs to recover between rounds, being sure that you allow yourself ample time to maintain quality in the next round. If you aren’t as proficient In the
gymnastics movements then take 60-90 secs+ so that you can get the best quality movement possible during each round.
Complete as many rounds as quality will allow during the 20 mins. We will not be scoring this today

“Regionals Nate”
4 Strict Muscle Ups
7 Strict HSPU’s
12 KB Snatches 32/24kg (6 per arm, divide how you like)

-Scale reps and weight so that you can get through each exercise in 2-3 sets every round
-Progression for SMU’s today will be spotted if you’re close, or 3-5 Strict False Grip Chest To Ring Pullups + 3-5 Strict Ring Dips, or 6-8 Reverse Row Sit-backs + 6-8 Banded Dips on bars


The Man Whose Arms Exploded
3 Super Sets:
Max UB Ring Pushups (use a progression that will allow for 12-15+ on your first set)
Max Supinated Chin-over-rings or bar hold
-Rest exactly 90 secs between sets-

-Go straight from pushups to chin-over-bar
-Score = pushups + seconds chin held over bar combined


Tabata Burpees


3 Sets:
20 Alt. DB Upright Rows (10 per arm)
20 Alt. Bent Over DB or KB Rows (10 per arm – these should be heavier than Upright Rows)
10 Crossover 90/90’s w/4 sec negatives
10 Hollow Rocks + 10 V-ups + Max Hollow Hold
-Rest 90-120 secs-