400m Run

Dynamic lengths

Front rack w/PVC pipe


WOD A) (20-25 mins) Low hang clean (1” from ground): Build to a heavy but perfect double for the day


WOD B) 2-3 sets:

1) 200’ Weighted Carry – any style; farmers, overhead, suitcase etc.

2) GH Raise x 5-8 reps

3) Weighted Plank x 30-45 secs – heavy as possible



DATE – Sunday – WOD



10 mins dynamic


WOD A) 3 sets NFT (18 min cap):

Double Unders x 60 secs max reps

-Rest 30 secs-

Ring L-hold x max effort

-Rest 30 secs-

Strict Chin Up x max reps – on Rogue grips if possible (Supinated grip for regular)

-Rest 60 secs-


WOD B) With a partner; both perform the amount of reps prescribed, alternating sets. Partner A must complete all of their reps before Partner B tags in. Racks can be used.


5 Rounds for time:

6 Push Press 165/110lb

8 Front Squats (Same weight as Push Press)

10 Box Jumps 30/24”


WOD C) 8-10/6-8/2-4 Rope Climbs as a cash-out (Adv/Int/Beg)

*These are not for time, just completion. Start as soon after the workout as you like and rotate with other people between reps.

Roll forearms and stretch biceps after!