Dynamic hips / thoracic / lower body


6 Bulgarian split squats per leg @ 31X1 tempo (focus on perfect position)

Banded Glute activation

6 Bulgarian split squats per leg




1) 15 min to establish a 3RM back squat – aim for 85-90% of 1RM


2) At the 17, 19 &21 min mark, perform 3 reps at 85-90% of 3RM


WOD B) 5 Rounds:


70’ Sled Push (one length of rig) – use heaviest weight possible without the sled stopping

20 Unbroken Wallballs – heaviest possible

-Rest 60 secs-

*Goal is to use the same weight for each set, not progressively add, unless you start too light in your first round

*Record weight added to sled and wallball weight as: 100/30lb