Big Shoulder Warmup!
Circles, band ROM drills, pec openers, dip stretch, active/passive hangs
10 min Muscle Ups
Choose your progression and complete within 10 mins…
A) EMOM x 10
Mins 1-5: 1-2 Strict Muscle Ups
Mins 6-10: 2-5 Kipping Muscle Ups

B) every 60-90 secs x 6-8 sets
1-3 Kipping Muscle Ups

C) complete 3-4 sets in 10 mins
3-5 Jumping or Banded MU’s / transitions
The Last Fight
3 Rounds, 1 min per station, rest 1 min between rounds:
Assault Bike
GHD Situps
Ring Pushups
50′ Shuttle Sprints
Wallballs 20lb 10′ / 14lb 10′
*Everybody starts with Abike and moves in order