DATE – Wednesday November 26th


Warm-up: Dynamic shoulder circles, band pull-aparts, rows, and lat pull-downs.

50ft Partner resisted banded sprints: forwards + backwards x 3 each


WOD A1) In 8 min: build to a challenging but not 1RM pronated grip weighted pull-up (~90-95% of max effort) then;


WOD A2) Every 30s x 10 sets: perform 1 x Strict Pronated weighed pull-up at 85-90% of A1. (5 min)


WOD B) In teams of 3, complete 3 rounds for total reps completed: (16 mins)

2mins: Alternating 50ft sled push relay (90/45)(each 50ft length is 1 rep)

Rest 1 min

2 min: Alternating rope climbs (each RC is 1 rep)(Sub 2 x standing rope lower/pulls ‘or’ 8 x Ring rows)

Rest 1 min