DATE – Monday


Warm-up: 5 min Dynamic lengths


Mobility: Banded hip opener lunge + Posterior chain floss


WOD A) Box Squat: 7 x 3 – Rest 60-90s betweens sets (20 min)

(Work up to a heavy triple for the day. Slight pause / de-load on the box.)


WOD B) Barbell good mornings: 3 x 10-12 (5-7 min)

Rest 90-120s between sets

(Sub hip extensions for anyone struggling maintaining a neutral torso. )


WOD C) 3 rounds NFT: (10-15 min)

15 x Reverse Fly’s (10/5) – use small plates

10-12 x “W+Y’s” (5/2.5) – use small plates

8-12 x GH Raise (3,1,X,1) (body curl as modification)