DATE – Tuesday November 25th


Warm-up/mobility: Quick dynamic lengths warm-up then with a light/moderate KB:

2 rounds of:

10 x Single leg RDL (5/side)

10 x Cossack Squats (5/side alternating)

10 x Windmills

30s front squat hold + 10 Goblet squats


WOD A) Complete one set every 2 min x 8 (21 min – 5 min to w/u + 16 min working sets)


A1) Box Squat x 3 (65-70% of 1RM – @ 3,1,X,2)(attempt ~5-7% heavier than November 7th)

– Rest 10s –

A2) Seated high box jump x 5 (think ~75% of “max” jump, a height that forces an explosive jump, but ideally no misses. Use the same height box/bench for the squats and the jumps (at, or just above parallel)


WOD B) 4 rounds for time:

12 x Double KB Russian swing

12 x Double KB front squat

12 x Kettle bell plank renegade rows (no push-up 6/side alternating)

2 laps of the rig farmers walk (~180m total)


Rx+: 24/16kg

Rx: 16/12kg

(Scale as needed)