7-8 mins dynamic lower body

Shoulder stretch with band on pullup bar


WOD A) (20 mins) Clean: Build to a heavy double for the day


WOD B) Push Press: 5×5


DATE – Sunday – WOD



8-10 mins dynamic stretch

Shoulder stretch w/bands


WOD A) (10-12 mins) Skill Pracitce:

Legless Rope Climb

Handstand Walk


WOD B) 3 Rounds for total reps:

60 secs max effort Push Press 135/95lb

-Rest 60 secs-

60 secs max effort KB Swings 32/24kg

-Rest 60 secs-

60 secs max effort Calorie Row

-Rest 60 secs-


WOD C) 1.5km run not for time (approx. 5 mins after WOD B)