Banded ankle mobility

Banded hip opener


2 Rounds:

5 x 5 sec hold banded glute bridges

15 banded squats

5L/5R lateral lunges holding 10-15lb plate in front

10 wall angles




1) In 12 mins establish a 6 rep max back squat (try to use the same weight or add 5-10lbs to 5rm from October 20th, approx. 75%+ of 1RM)

2) At the 14, 16 & 18 min mark, perform 6 reps at 90-95% of 6rm


WOD B) 2 rounds for time:


25 cal row

25 pistols (scale to band pistols, pistols to box or split squats & 15-20 reps as needed)

25/20 handstand pushups (guys / girls – scale to pike or banded – don’t allow yourself to get hung-up here in the first round, scale to 15 reps if these are a challenging movement for you)

25 wallballs 30/20lb (goal for everyone today is to use 10’ target in rig, scale weight as needed to be consistent with accuracy)


POST-WOD) 2 min couch stretch and pigeon pose each leg