DATE – Wednesday


Warm-up/Mobility) (10 mins) 2 Rounds:


Banded YTW x 10-15 reps per position

KB Arm Bar 1 x 15-20 second hold per arm


Band Presses/dislocates

Front rack w/PVC pipe x 60 secs per arm


WOD A) Shoulder Press: 15 mins to establish a 1RM


WOD B) Alt. EMOM x 8 mins:

1) Strict Handstand Pushup (aim for 3-5 reps at your progression)

2) Bent over barbell row x 10-12 reps – alternate pro/supinated each set


WOD C) KB bench press: 3 x 10-15 reps alt. with a partner – start your set as soon as your partner finishes


Then: Banded Tricep pull-downs x 60-100 reps (optional)