Band dislocates, raises, rotator cuffs

Squat hip openers


3 rounds without putting the bar down:

5 muscle snatches

5 BTN snatch press

5 overhead squats


WOD A) E2MOM x 6 sets:


1 snatch + 1 hang snatch + 1 snatch

*must be completed as a complex, no dropping the bar, last rep must be touch’n’go unless new to lifting

*All sets should be above 70% of max snatch, add weight as needed to achieve a max for the day

*Get any pullup equipment ready during rest periods to allow for a quick transition into WOD B


-5 min transition into WOD B-


WOD B) Alt. EMOM x 10 mins:


1) 5 weighted supinated chinups @ 20X3 tempo (if you don’t have a BW chinup, perform a 15-20 sec chin over bar hold)

2) 8 overhead squats – challenging but unbroken, bar starts on the ground, work on snatching into your first rep


WOD C) 3 Rounds for time:


15 burpee pullup bar touches

15 pullups (Adv – chest to bars)


Crossover symmetry iron scap post-wod