DATE – Tuesday


Warm-up/Mobility) 10-15 mins

Shoulder Circles/Shoulder stretch with band on Pullup bar

Banded squat warmup/hip mobility


WOD A) 3 Rounds (15 mins):


Single leg lateral box step up x 5-6 each leg approx. knee height (hold a light KB in front rack if possible – try same and opposite side)

Strict muscle up x 2-4 reps (Modify to: banded ring muscle up if you are close or strict false grip ring pullup – or – Band Assisted supinated bar pullup x 4-5 reps with thinnest band possible)

10-15 Evil Wheels w/barbell demo video


WOD B) 3 Rounds for time:

800m Run

20/14-16/8-10 Alt. Pistols (Adv/Int/Beg – pistols to box or split squats as mod)

20/15/10 Chest to bar Pullups (Adv/Int/Beg – band assisted modify to 10 chest-to-ring rows)


WOD C) Stretch Shoulders and Quads!