Warm-up: Row 300m x 2 (Partner up, his leg swings and lunges when off rower)


Mobility: Pre-squat hip capsule work / front rack stretch


WOD A) Warm up squat clean (5 min), then;

Every 90s x 10 perform:

1 x power clean, 1 x hang squat clean, 1 x full squat clean


(Start light and make small jumps up in weight each round as needed)


WOD B) 3 sets:

B1)  5 x touch and go clean pulls – 85-100% of 1rm clean

B2) 12-15 x Banded glute bridge

B3) 15 x standing reverse fly w/ small plates


Rest as needed between movements




DATE – Sunday – WOD


Warm-up: Partner med ball warm-up


WOD A) Gymnastics Skill practice:

(15 min of “free time” to work on a gymnastic skill or strength movement that has been a goat.)

Handstands (walking, holds, HSPU) / ring dips / skin the cats / levers / ice-cream makers / L-sits / rope climbs / etc…



WOD B) Teams of 3, 3 Rounds per station each:


Box Push AMRAP (55/35lb) (50’ = 10 points)

200m Sand Bag Carry

Row for Cals


*Time spent at each station is dictated by 200m Sandbag Carry. Score = total sled push points + total calories rowed by your team