Wednesday, 16 November, 2016

Coaches: review rowing technique (specifically the correct loading on the recovery phase and how that loading encourages correct mechanics on the drive phase, also review strokes per minute (SPM), and cadence.
Then row 3 x 30s intervals alternating w/ a parter
1) 20-22 SPM @ 60-70% effort
2) 24-26 SPM @ 70-80% effort
3) 28-30 SPM @ 80-90% effort

Diagonal stretch x 10 reps/side w/ 10s hold on last rep
Single leg good morning x 10 reps/side w/ 10s hold on last rep

6 X 1:45 ROW / 2:15 REST
Complete 6 rounds for total meters rowed:
Row 1:45
Rest 2:15

Big classes, alternate with a partner on the rower: Set to 1:45 on – 15s Rest/transition (or 2:15 rest if solo)
Record Meters rowed each interval and combine for a total score.
Try to keep a consistent pace across the 6 intervals. Do not max out on the first set and crash on later intervals.

Complete 3 rounds:
12-15 x Incline Dumbbell Bench press
8-10 x Double Kettlebell bent over rows
5 x 5 “Plyo” Reverse fly’s on Crossover Symmetry
Rest 15-20s between movements, Rest ~90s-2 min between rounds