DATE – Friday




Mobility: 7min Roll out: calves, quads, glutes, and thoracic openers


WOD A) 5 x 2 – 1+¼ front squats (15 mins)


(Do not max out on these squats, work on perfect mechanics and positioning.)


WOD B) 4 x 5 “touch and go” power snatch  (12 mins)


(Keep relatively light as well, do not max out on these snatches, work on linking reps together smoothly, controlling the bar to the ground in a perfect position on each rep.)


WOD C)  For time:

20 sets of 20 unbroken doubleunders:


Rope must stop between each set of 20. Scale unbroken # appropriately (5-10?) or complete (20 doubleunders, rest 20s x 10)