Wednesday, 15 November, 2017

Red band shoulder warm-up drills
2 rounds with a light KB:
15-20 Kettlebell swings
10 KB Halos (5/direction)
10/side Single arm stagger stance rows
10/side Single arm KB press (or Push press if needed)

Every 90s x 8 (4 sets each alternating)
A1: Opt 1: 6-8 x Strict HSPU (add small deficit/surplus mats as needed to challenge)
Opt 2: 6-10 x Box Pike (or banded) strict HSPU progressions
Opt 3: 8-10 x Seated strict dumbbell shoulder press

A2: Opt 1: 2-4 x Strict Muscle-ups (if you’re close you may do spotted reps w/ a partner)
Opt 2: 3-5 x Strict ring (w/ false grip if possible) pull-ups + 3-5 ring dips
Opt 3: 6-8 x Strict supinated pull-ups + 6-8 bench dips

Complete 5 sets for meters rowed: (20 mins)
30s Sprint Row (85-90% effort)
30s Rest
30s Sprint Row (85-90% effort)
– Rest 2:30 –
*For each “2 x 30s set”, your “score” is the lower number of meters rowed of the 2 back to back sets. You goal here is to push, but maintain consistency between the 2 x 30s sprint efforts.
Final score is the 5 combined “lower” scores.
Set up rowers (30 work / 30 rest) and alternating with a partner. (P1 does their 2 intervals, then P2 does their 2 etc.

3 rounds: rest as needed
8-10 x Double Dumbbell standing bicep curl + AMRAP Bent over row (no rest between)
20-30 x Banded tricep press downs
60s face up Chinese plank (weight in lap as needed)