DATE – Wednesday



500m run

3 minute hollow/superman hold test

(You can switch between the two positions as needed.)


Mobility: Banded hamstring stretch

(Laying on the floor, up, across the body, and to the outside)


WOD A) Deadlift – warm up to roughly 55-65% of 1RM then;


Every 90s x 7:

3 x deadlifts @ tempo (2,0,X,1)


These lifts should be relatively fast (specifically from above the knee), and all done easily touch and go. If the bar speed is slowing down or form is deviating, lighten the weight. Some experience lifters only may want to try the banded or chained version. Control all reps down, including the last with a 2s tempo back to the floor.




Burpee Box Jumps (24/20”) (hands touch the box at the bottom position)

Toes to bar

Ball Slams (40/30)



75-100 Banded good mornings  (attempt to complete in 1 set without coming out of the band, but be sure to keep the back flat/extended)