DATE – Thursday November 13th


Warm-up: 4-500m Row + banded hip activation (steps, glute bridge, squats)


Mobility: Olympic wall squat + Internal and external hip stretch


WOD A) In 20 min warm up then complete 4 working sets of:

Box Squat x 4 (60-65% of 1RM – @3,1,X,1)

– Rest 10s

Jumping Barbell Squat x 8 (20-25% of 1RM)

– Rest 2:30-3 min


-Stay just above parallel on the jumping squat (no loss of tension), use a weight that you can stay explosive and fast. Newer athletes may be on just body weight for the jumping squats.


WOD B) Complete AMRAP in 3 rounds: (16 min)

1 min: Sprint Row (Calories)

Rest 30s

1 min: Box jump over (24/20”)

Rest 30s

1 min: Wallballs (20/14lb)

Rest 2 min