DATE – Wednesday November 12th  


Warm-up: 8 min – Alternating sets of skipping for 30-45s / Dynamic shoulder warm-up drills + Band pull-aparts/presses


Mobility: Dowel dislocates + dowel front rack stretch

(Review Press / Push Press / Push Jerk with dowels)


WOD A) EMOM x 15

Sets 1-5) Strict Press x 5

Sets 6-10) Push Press x 3

Sets 11-15) Push Jerk x 1


Start at a light/moderate set of 5 for the press and aim to add slowly each and every set until you max out on at a 1 RM push jerk


WOD B) 5 rounds for time:

10 x Kettlebell clean + Push press (5R + 5L)(Rx: 24/16kg)

20 x Ab-mat sit-ups (no anchor / open hip)

40 x Double-unders (Scale 30/20 or a reasonable number, should be finished in under 60s)