DATE – Tuesday November 11th – Remembrance Day  


This Remembrance day we will be honouring Douglas Fugger, a friend of long-time 604 Brigade member Day Kirby, who served in the Canadian Navy. Here are some words from Day to reflect upon if you choose to come tackle this monstrous WOD!


“Just over two years ago, my good friend Lieutenant-Commander Douglas Fugger of the Royal Canadian Navy (and a local anesthesiologist) died suddenly at the age of 42, leaving my friend Abi and two very young children without their husband and father. His death happened unexpectedly on holiday and not in the line of duty, so this WOD is not technically a Hero WOD, but he was a avid Crossfitter and was a member at CrossFit Lions when he wasn’t deployed in places like East Timor and Afghanistan. For the last two years Lions has held “The Doug” on Remembrance Day in his memory. CF Lions chose not to hold it this year, so 604 has generously offered to host it so I can continue the tradition. It’s a ton of volume, and to me it reflects the many burdens my multi-talented friend carried in the Navy and as a doctor, as well as those borne by his widow and children. If you’re so moved, let the memory of someone you knew that died too soon power you through “The Doug”. Otherwise, enjoy the massive throwdown – lift safe and keep breathing!” – Day Kirby (Daymax)


Warm-up: Dynamic group warm-up


Mobility: Pre-squat hip prep + Banded shoulder stretches


WOD A) “The Doug”

2000m row (Rx athletes must stay within 1 minute of PR)

30 x Back squats (BW / ¾ BW)

30 x Toes to bar

400m Waiter carry (35/20lb) (1 DB held overhead while moving)

30 x Power cleans (135/95lb)

30 x Pull ups

100 x Double unders

30 x Overhead squats (115/75lb)

30 x Ring dips

2000m run

Even with scaled movements / weights this WOD will be too much volume for many of you. Don’t be scared to come in, we will be scaling appropriately and giving the option to complete this as a partner WOD splitting the work load in half if needed.