No Show Policy

We have to be firm on the no show policy to ensure fairness to everyone. Taking that spot means that someone else cannot. We can appreciate that often there are accidental bookings, last minute change of circumstance, bad traffic, work emergency, etc… We can’t unfortunately get involved in the reasons why, to keep it simple and fair for everyone the policy is one that pertains to everyone at all times. 

What is a No Show?

  • Making a reservation and not showing up
  • Showing up too late for class to be granted access (10 minutes is our cutoff. If you missed the warm up, you are not permitted to enter class)
  • Being added to a class from a waitlist and then not showing up (The responsibility falls on you to remove yourself from a waitlist if you cannot attend) 

When does a No Show matter?

  • If a class is sold out and you have taken a spot and not used it, this is when it matters and comes with a penalty

Penalties for No Show:

  • If a class is sold out, you will be billed $30+gst for wasting the spot. This applies to no shows and arrivals that are turned away for arriving too late


  • If you were notified of being added from the waitlist AFTER the cancellation window has passed, you can forward that notification to us (proving you weren’t given proper notice) to excuse you from the No Show penalty
  • Other that the exception listed above there are NO EXCEPTIONS

Can I contact someone to get removed from a class if I have missed the cut off?

  • No, please don’t call, text, email or message us for this. Don’t ask a coach in person. Whatever your reason may be, there is no longer enough notice to give the spot to someone else. It is YOUR spot

Can I give my spot away in the Facebook Group? 

  • NO. This destroys the point of our waitlist

Reservation Policy

We know this is a stressful time for everyone, and believe me we feel it too. Everyone is ready to be back in the gym throwing a barbell around and training in the class environment. Please respect your fellow members by adhering to the Reservation Policy outlined below:

  • DO NOT set your clock on your device to be earlier than network time and grab a spot before it’s legitimately available. We can see the report on when you reserve and if we see this happen you will be removed from the class and blocked from reserving for a month. And since we are ONLY accepting people with reservations, this is a hefty penalty. This is cheating and is a serious offence within our community.


  • You must not sit on more than 1 reservation per day. You are welcome to reserve a class and if you wish to train in a different class time and it’s full you can put yourself on the wait list for another class time. But as soon as you get the confirmation that you’ve got a spot in the other class you must decide within 5 min which class you plan to attend and login and remove yourself from 1 of them. If we find that you are sitting (More than 5 min) on 2 confirmed spots in class we will delete them both.


  • Please unreserve for a class as soon as you know you can’t attend it. This will allow another person more time to prepare and know that they have a class booked. This is just being kind to fellow members. The window to unreserve afternoon and evening classes closes 2 hours before your class time so be sure to unreserve by that time. Weekday Morning classes must unreserve 9 hours before the class start time. If you no show a sold out class you will be charged the current drop in rate. Also be aware that if you are on a waitlist for a spot in class and you go to bed not planning to attend (or check) to see if you made it into a class the next morning then be sure to unreserve. If you miss the class because you didn’t see the email it is still your spot, and you will be a no-show. This is more important now with our 2 hour cancellation window.


  • We have decided to move our reservation window to 46 hours in advance. Yes that seems like a weird number, but what this allows is that you have a 1 hour grace time after the end of the class time that you train in to be at your device and reserving. ie. you like to train at 6:15am… so the reservations will open at 8:15am.


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