Like others I’ve tried a few Crossfit places before 604 and been sadly disappointed.  Perhaps I would have liked them eventually but I like to go with my gut, and my gut is usually right.

Crossfit 604 feels just so damn welcoming, and that seems to be the case for everybody who shows up at your box.  And patience, I just love how you coach  – You’re all firm, challenging, accepting, caring, patient.  You guys just know how to do it.  It’s really kind of magical.

And what’s interesting is then when I find myself beating myself up a little bit (in my head) for not progressing fast enough I feel your caring, challenging, accepting energy and I feel confident that I will “get it” eventually. In fact I know I will – eventually.  It may take a little longer because it simply takes me longer, but I feel you’re there for me.  And for that I’m eternally grateful.  Thank you guys for be such amazingly patient and talented coaches.  Thanks for Crossfit 604