DATE – Monday

5min – Volleyball keep ups w/ burpee penaltys

Lacrosse ball pecs
Shoulder extension and pec stretches

WOD A) (15 min cap)
A1) 4 x 10-12 banded pushups @ tempo (3,0,X,1)
-Rest 30s-
A2) 4 x 100’ plate pinch farmers walk (heaviest possible)
-Rest 30s-

If you can not do regular push ups at the desired reps/tempo then don’t use bands, just work on full push ups from your toes with hands up on a box or bench as needed.

4 rounds for time:
50 Doubleunders (30/20 for int/beg)
20 KB Swings (Rx 24kg/16kg)(32kg/24kg for Competitors)
15 Toes to bar
10 Bupees

(Rest exactly 2 min between rounds – subtract the 6 min rest from total working time)