5 mins dynamic / shoulder circles / joint prep
Alt. EMOM x 9 mins (3 sets each)
1) Max strict pullups with rogue grippers
*Scale to regular pullups or a combo of both if you can only get 1 or 2 on grippers
* Scale to max chin over bar hold if you don’t have strict pullups
2) 10-30 sec L-sit hold on parallettes
*Scale to boxes or hollow body hold
3) 30-40secs double or triple under practice


Cheeky Little Chipper
For time (25 min cap)
1000m run
80 KB swings 32/24kg
60 abmat situps
40 wallballs 20/14lb 10′
20 ring dips
100 double unders
*Add unfinished reps as secs to time

WOD B / Accessory

2 rounds alt. each movement
10 rep diagonal stretch w/10-15s hold last rep
10 rep single leg g-morning w/10-15s hold last rep
Crossover recovery