Shoulder Circles/Rotations

2 Rounds:

6-8 ATYT’s – slow and controlled

WY’s 10-15 reps – slow and controlled

8-12 Pushups with one hand on a slamball – walk hands across to change sides after each rep, slow and controlled

10-15 Ball Slams


Mobility) Pec Stretch laying down 60 secs each


WOD A) Double KB Bench Press: E2MOM, 5 sets of 5 reps @31X1 tempo – heavy as possible, all sets should be at the same weight


WOD B) Alt. EMOM x 15 mins:

1) 10-12 Weighted Pushups with 10 sec hold at the top of last rep – heavy as possible

2) 10-15 Wallballs – heavy as possible unbroken

3) 8-12 Calorie Row (30-35 secs max)