DATE: May 26th – June 1st 2014





2 mins running drills

10-12 Band Glute walks F/B/L/R

6 steps F/B Duck Walk holding light Slamball or KB x 3 sets with 5-10 secs rest between


Mobility) Pre-squat hip openers


WOD A) Wendler Back Squat (20 mins):


*4-5 warmup sets*


3 reps @ 70%

3 reps @ 80%

3+ reps @ 90% – max effort set


WOD B) 5 Rounds for total time:


10 Front Squats – All rounds should be unbroken

150m Sandbag Run 70/45lb (to ally and back) – should be a run not a walk, adjust weight accordingly

-Rest exactly 60 secs between rounds-


Suggested Front Squat loading:

Adv: 135-55/90-105lb

Int: 105-125/70-85lb

Beg 75-95/45-65lb


WOD C) (Optional) 2-3 Rounds:

20-30 Anchored Situps (no abmat) add weight or band for resistance

30 secs side plank each side

60-90 secs couch stretch (one leg each round)