DATE – Sunday May 25th


Warm-up: 3 rounds of: 2-300m row + Dynamic warm-up (alternate sets with a partner – 10 min)


Mobility: Hamstring + Front rack


WOD A) In 15 min build to a moderate/heavy single Power Clean


WOD B) Every 2 mins x 5:

Clean grip deadlift, hang clean pull, clean pull (Start at WOD A weight and add from there)


WOD C) Build to a heavy set of: 1 push press, 1 push jerk, 1 split jerk (15 mins – 5-6 working sets, rest 90-120s between sets)


WOD D) 3 rounds – Not for time

12-15 x Weighted Hip extensions ‘or’ 15-20 Banded good mornings

12-15 x Rear delt raise ‘or’ 15-20 Band pull aparts

60s Weighted plank