DATE – Saturday May 24th


Warm-up: Dynamic lengths + thoracic rotation drills


Mobility: Olympic wall squat + internal/external rotation holds

Dowel dislocates, front rack, and lats stretch – plus thruster review


WOD A) EMOTM x 10 (5 alternating rounds):

A1) Thruster x 3 (Start light and build over the 5 sets to a moderate/heavy set – bar from the ground – do not max out, keep bar speed high)

A2) Ring Row x 6-8 (Keep these relatively light, no failure sets)


(5 min to practice / prep for pull-ups)


WOD B) benchmark WOD “FRAN”

For time: 21- 15 – 9 reps of:

Thrusters (95/65)



(Partner up and count reps & cheer on each other in 2 heats. Scale accordingly to ideally finish in under 10 mins)