10-12 mins mobility; hip and thoracic openers
10 perfect wall facing squats with 3 sec pause in the bottom – as close to the wall as possible without hands touching


Pause Back Squat X 2
33X2 tempo

15 mins to build to a max double at precribed tempo


21 Thrust Street
EMOM x 12: 5 Thrusters
-Perform 3 sets at each weight
-Have a goal weight in mind for sets 10, 11 & 12 and start approx 30lbs lighter, then build in 10lb increments every 3 sets
e.g 100lb goal:
Sets 1-3 @ 70lb
Sets 4-6 @ 80lb
Sets 7-9 @ 90lb
ets 10-12 @ 100lb
***Final numbers can vary based on feel but this will give you some structure – you must however perfrom 3 sets at each weight


2 sets
Max ubroken Bulgarian split squats, unweighted – start with weaker leg and match it with your stronger leg
30 secs KB arm bar hold each arm
Crossover recovery